Caverna delle Rose stands as a liminal musical project between research and reinterpretation. Conducted by AimA (Les Jumeaux Discordants, Allerseelen), Evor Ameisie (NRTHGTE, DDeM Label, Camerata Mediolanense) and Diego Cinquegrana, the Caverna delle Rose project draws an abstract sound bridge between ancient and modern customs and practices.


Caverna delle Rose was born from the common interest in nature, wisdom, traditions and practices. The poetic aims to transpose into music some of the main themes common to all civilization, from antiquity to contemporaneity.


From the simple contemplation of nature, to the rereading of ancient wisdom texts, the compositions evoke the mysteries of creation, death, nature and human interiority. The voice often becomes a sound, a primitive scream, a communicative instinct without words; sometimes it is a choral cry intended to signify dismay in the face of the unknown or to underline the culmination of a ritual.