Aima Lichtblau

Concept & Vocals

AimA Lichtblau, dramatic soprano, deals with the concept of the works, the lyrics, the vocal arrangements, the vocals and the backing vocals. Founder and singer of the band “Les Jumeaux Discordants”, she collaborates continuously with the industrial project “Allerseelen”.


Evor Ameisie

Music & Vocals

Evor Ameisie, musician and baritone (member of the band “Camerata Mediolanense” and founder of  “Northgate” project), is the author of the music and  arranger of the male vocals and backing vocals.


Diego Cinquegrana

Music, Synths & Field Recordings

Author of the soundscapes and the music of the tracks, the visual artist and designer Diego Cinquegrana works also through the collection, decomposition and recomposition of sound’s layers recorded from different environments.