New release by Caverna delle Rose

For years, a more organic collaboration between AimA Lichtblau and Evor Ameisie was in the air and it finally resulted in this first work: Elysian Chants.
The album was born from a common feeling between three artists particularly interested in ancient and “primitive” cultures. The third member of the group is in fact Diego Cinquegrana, a visual artist who has been curating the whole image of AimA for a long time and author of the entire artwork for “Les Chimeres” by Les Jumeaux Discordants.
The novelty in this regard is that Diego deals with an aspect that undoubtedly completes the sound of the project. In fact, he deals with the research and production of specific sounds aimed at recalling some typical sounds of the ancient imaginary.
His passion for archeology and his classical and philological studies, lead him to the production of these sounds by instinct but also with awareness.
A striking example can be found in “To Dionysius”, where the tribal rhythm created by Evor Ameisie, pursued by the screams of AimA, is completed by alienating sounds aimed at emphasizing the ecstatic state of the ritual.
The work focused on sound research inspired by some selected Orphic Hymns and by a Song of Creation: Hyle, the shapeless matter waiting to be molded, waiting for a form, for an order and causative capacity.

It is a work that alternates Dionysian moments with Apollonian.

When Hyle was born, AimA was studying Bernardo Silvestre, a medieval Platonist philosopher of the 12th century and she was inspired at that time in the creation of this song (which in fact goes beyond the work on the Orphic Hymns), but consistent with the discourses around Cosmogony.
In perfect harmony with the theme, Evor created a scenario of explosive creation supported by the sound integrations of Diego.