By Steven Gullotta

Hello Caverna delle Rose and welcome to Brutal Resonance!



What does the name Caverna delle Rose mean? Why did you choose it?


Diego choose the name. It is obviously an intimate poetic figure, you can transfigure as you prefer, without limits of interpretation. Alternatively look at this as the possibility of inflorescence of the mystical sacral dimension of the rose within the darkness of a cave, where darkness is nevertheless a necessary condition for loss that precedes revelation and ecstasy. It is also the name of the Swedish method of condemnation / torture in the thirteenth century. It sounds romantic and the meaning is also almost similar also from this point of view.


You state that your project stands between research and reinterpretation. What does that mean? 


Research, because there is a lot to know and understand about the ritual forms not only of the past, but also of those that today are erroneously defined as “primitive peoples”.
From the cultural point of view, these are investigations of an anthropological nature; from the spiritual point of view, they have their roots in spaces and times that are difficult to understand for our reason. They are more so from a spiritual point of view, studying these phenomena not from an evolutionary point of view, but reasoning according to those archetypes that are common to humanity (or that should be, I would add).
In this case we are talking about reinterpretation, in full respect of those cultures and in the awareness that we will never be able to talk about them.
From my point of view, but obviously I speak only in my own name, the reinterpretation takes place above all in the spiritual, instinctual sphere, very little mediated by reason.