New release by Caverna delle Rose

Caverna delle Rose’s new EP, entitled “Tenebris Secundis”, is a journey in four acts into the chthonic lands of “maleficence” in its meaning of “apocalyptic” practice, i.e. aimed at the metapsychic unveiling of the non-compliant will in the ritual praxis as concrete action on the world.

The work focused on specific characters mostly taken from the ancient literature, who were demigods and being particularly able to work with magic,not only thanks to the privileged relationship with the gods, but for their intrinsic ability that arises both from their nature or inner strength and from the ability to modify and use earthly matter for their will.

It was intended to be an EP that anticipated the new album, and in the end it became a full work that opens the curtain to the next one.
Limited editions in 25 copies, a handmade artwork will make every copy unique.