By Stephane Froidcoeur

Carverna Delle Rose features experienced artists, involved with different bands. What brought you together and what incited you to start this new project?


AimA:I have known Evor for over twenty years and we have always found tangent points in the way we see things. This is very important for the purpose of fluidity during the creative act.

He knows me very well and I don’t need to speak to explain where I’m going to go. This is because generally the concepts start from me, it is true, but the seed of every concept is still hiding in all members, both from a cultural and a creative point of view: this is fundamental.

The same is for Diego.

We have chosen each other over a long time; not simply because we wanted to create a musical project. Let’s say that the common denominator is our life experiences, our way of seeing things, our desires, our utopias.

I am sure that collaborators are not chosen, but they’re travel companions, which is a very different thing. As for collaborations, I believe they are rarely good things.


The album wants to be a ‘bridge between ancient practices and beliefs and contemporaneity’. That’s an interesting- and ambitious aspect as I think our‘western world’ has seriously lost the connection with ancestral rites and practices. How did it happen and what’s your perception of ‘modern world’ and ‘modern times’?


AimA:I feel I can speak for all three, but for convenience I will use the first person. It is true that modern times, especially in Western civilization, have lost much of their ritual traditions, but this is not the case for everyone.

If you live in a big city you may be more easily engulfed by these ‘modern times’, but in less contaminated places (for example where I live) the absence of worldly things and an overbearing presence of Nature, easily lead you to a connection with everything what appears to be lost.

Perhaps we have lost the collective rituals, but I believe that everyone could recover their contact with Nature (for example), living in Her rituals what has always belonged to us. It is quite another thing to recognize the energies that operate around us, but it would be a long speech.

However, the work that takes its cue from the Orphic Hymns goes through with simplicity and effectiveness even those that are archetypes and emotional states with which everyone can measure themselves.