By Side Line

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.
Background/Info: Caverna Delle Rose is a new project driven by AimA (Les Jumeaux Discordants, Allerseelen), Evor Ameisie (NRTHGTE, Camerata Mediolanense) and Diego Cinquegrana. This album wants to be a ‘bridge between ancient practices and beliefs and contemporaneity.” The debut album features seven ‘Orphic Hymns’ plus a song of creation.

Content: From the very first notes and chants of the album you perceive the strong Ritual input. The vocals sometimes have something Ethereal as well, but music and vocals/chants together create the path to a mystic journey. The Ritual style has been accentuated by the percussion while the dark electronic atmospheres reveal a hostile sphere. A guest musician plays cello parts on a few songs, this way injecting extra darkness.

This album took me by surprise for its instantly Ritual approach. The power of the vocals mixing Ritual- and Ethereal styles has something bewitching. But there also is a great symbiosis with the music, which through its overwhelming sound waves and subtle field recordings reaches a state of climax, a kind of sonic ecstasy coming through at “To The Fates”. The work also has inhibited parts, even intimate and feeling as a caress to your mind. Every single song of this album has something joyful.

I don’t see real minus points; this is a great piece of music.
Conclusion: The debut album of Caverna Delle Rose is an accomplished and brilliant exposure of intelligent Ritual music.

Best songs: “To The Fates”, “To Corybas”, “To The Furies”, “To The West Wind”.

Rate: 8½.